Cement Logistics

The shipment of cementitious products such as cement, flyash and GGBFS in dedicated pneumatic self-unloading cement carriers forms part of an industrial logistics chain which includes next to other means of transport like e.g. trucks, river barges and rail transport also storage, cargo handling and distribution.
Whilst our offered services clearly focus on the seaborne transport, the definition of interfaces with the further parties involved in the logistics chain is of highest importance to us also. We operate the vessels of the Cement Carrier Alliance taking particular care to enable just-in-time logistics of cementitious bulk products.


As partners in the Cement Carrier Alliance we offer the fleet for time charter employment, for contracts of affreightment as well as spot cargoes. Reliability and availability as a quality service provider is a key value that we offer to our industrial clients. Whilst the chartering responsibility lies with the respective offices of UBC and BALTRADER either partner will promote the Cement Carrier Alliance to serve this purpose.
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