Two Partners. – One goal.

Serving our clients with dedicated seaborne transport solutions for the carriage of cementitious products has been a common goal for both UBC and BALTRADER for more than two decades.

Under the Cement Carrier Alliance we combine the marketing of cement carriers in different size ranges to optimize our joint supply offering to the global cement industry.


The Cement Carrier Alliance offers self-unloading cement carriers between 3,000- and 15,000-tons deadweight enhancing the flexibility and overall capacity of either partner to serve our industrial customers transport needs.

BALTRADER and UBC remain independent entities each operating from their own offices offering continuity in our customer relationships.

The Cement Carrier Alliance jointly represented by the UBC office in Philadelphia as well as the BALTRADER office in Hamburg is looking forward to serve your transport requirements for cement, flyash and GGBFS.

Mission & Vision

We value long-term commitments with our industry partners both on the basis of time charter agreements and contracts of affreightment. We will adapt to the continuing development of the cement industry responding to change of cargo flows by providing vessels of optimal size and technical concept.

As UBC and BALTRADER we feel committed to the same values providing quality, efficiency and sustainability in maritime bulk logistics to our customers.


BALTRADER is one of the leading international service providers for cement logistics. Associated with the BRISE Hamburg Group, we operate ten of our own pneumatic self-unloading cement carriers. BALTRADER also offers consulting and comprehensive services for the clean, economical and punctual transport of cementitious products by sea.
United Bulk Carriers UBC a member of the Hartmann Group proudly offers one of the most versatile fleets for the bulk trades in the world. Four different classes of bulk and pneumatic vessels are ranging from 8,400 to 37,000 deadweight tons. With two sizes of pneumatic cement carriers consisting of a series of sister ships our customers are offered flexibility to suit their trades.
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